Eliminate Grass Trimming This Summer

Jun 29, 2017

Outdoor summer chores can mount up quickly as your lawn seems to grow faster and faster each week and you always have a million other things to do. Thinking about mowing will make most of us groan in anticipation of pulling out the mower and trimmer, filling them will oil and gas and getting out in the heat.

But what if you could cut down on the time it takes to mow your yard each week by eliminating the need to pull out your grass trimmer to trim around your yard items by hand? You can, it’s easy and here’s how.

Take a look at your yard and identify the places where you do your trimming. Usually around fences, gardens, planters, decorations, retaining walls and other obstacles that your mower can’t get to cleanly. Measure the area around these obstacles as a sum of total inches, because in the next step you’ll need to know how many pavers you’ll need.

The idea is to set a row of flat pavers into the soil along your fences, retaining walls, around planters and any other mowing obstacles in your yard that usually require trimming. Now your mower can roll along the pavers cutting all the grass without having to edge and trim around every item.

Get stones that are about two inches thick and four inches wide and set them about an inch into the soil to prevent grass growing over the top of them. Once you have rows of stones imbedded around all your yard’s mowing obstacles, mowing is now a cinch. No more crafty mowing techniques or dangerous mower tipping to try and clear out all the grass.

For just a few dollars and a trip to a landscaping store you can eliminate the biggest headache associated with mowing this summer. Over time a few blades of grass will grow in between the stones, but clearing them is quick and easy a couple times in a season.

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