Bathroom Remodeling Trends for 2016

Jun 29, 2017

If you’re planning on updating your bathroom this year, it’s important to know the features designs, and materials that will be popular for 2016. That way, you don’t end up with a brand-new room that already looks dated. Kitchen and bath remodels are the most common home improvement projects, so make sure you plan ahead to get the most out of your budget. If you’re selling your house, pay particular attention to this list, so you can see what home buyers will be looking for.

Design: Contemporary, Spa-Like

The overall bathroom design trend for 2016 is to create an at-home spa feel. Homeowners will be trying to create Zen-like relaxation spaces, so design elements will be modern, with simple, clean lines. Earth tones and natural materials like wood, stone, and even live plants will be popular. Natural light and contemporary glass-walled showers will be featured to create an open, airy and sophisticated look.

Colors: Gray, Neutrals, Earth Tones

The most popular color combination for bathrooms in 2016 will be gray and white. In fact, more than half of all remodels will feature this look. Subway tiles in winter white, slate gray, and cobalt blue will be the top choices this year. Many homeowners will choose purple tones as accent colors, including lavender and lilac. If you’re going with traditional beige paint for your bath remodel, make sure you pair it with more modern, spa-like fixtures to avoid getting a dated look.

Feature: Focal Point or Statement Piece

Whether it’s the mirror, bathtub, or a large, walk-in shower enclosed with glass, bathrooms will be featuring an eye-catching statement fixture or focal point. This should be an attractive feature that your eyes are drawn to as soon as you walk into the room. No longer settling for traditional bathtub/shower combos, homeowners in 2016 will choose a frameless glass steam shower with fixtures such as floor-to-ceiling tile, seats or benches, and multiple showerheads. Separate soaking tubs will become the standard, or many homeowners who don’t have time to use them will forgo a bathtub in favor of a larger shower.

Other popular focal points will be custom-designed tile work on bathroom floors and shower walls, with bright accents and floral patterns. Light fixtures will also be featured more prominently, as remodelers complement a bath design with big, bold styles such as hand-blown glass globes, glamorous crystal chandeliers, or drum pendants.

Must-Haves: More Storage, Bigger Counters, Modern Metals

If your budget isn’t big enough for a full remodel, adding extra shelves or cabinets to create more storage will be a high-demand project for 2016 bathroom updates. Popular cabinet styles will be frameless European and raised-panel designs. Solid-surface countertops and large trough sinks with dual faucets or two separate faucets and sinks will be the most popular configurations this year. Sink and shower faucets in oil-rubbed bronze and brushed nickel will be best-sellers again this year, but expect to also start seeing more brass and warm copper colors in bathrooms.

Additional Upgrades: Heated Floors and Smart Home Tech

Adding radiant heating beneath your bathroom floor tiles may be more affordable than you think, and this touch of luxury will be a hot trend in 2016. Not only will your feet stay warm and comfortable during those cold winter months, you’ll also add value to your home, and even lower your heating costs.

Throughout the industry, smart home capabilities and devices are being integrated more and more into home remodeling and design projects. In the bathroom, this means you can stream your music wirelessly via Bluetooth from your smartphone through your vent fan or even the shower head. Your shower can monitor how much water you’ve used and signal you when you’ve used an excessive amount. And you can even add convenient technology like a self-cleaning toilet.

For help planning and completing your remodeling project, contact the experts at All Seasons Construction. We’ll help you create the bathroom of your dreams!