6 Father’s Day Home Projects You Can Do with Your Kids

Jun 29, 2017

As we take time this weekend to recognize the fathers in our lives, what better way to spend time with the family and pass down knowledge to our kids than by doing a simple project around the house together? It will create more valuable memories than most any store-bought gift and teach your kids the importance of maintaining the home and spending quality time with family. Months from now whenever you see the project you all worked on together in your home, you’ll be reminded of Father’s Day and the time everyone spent doing the project together.


Painting is the simplest project to tackle with your kids and is also something that seemingly always needs doing. Find a room in your home that could use a new coat of paint or a fresh splash of color and start painting! If you have a piece of furniture on your deck or an older piece sitting around that could use painting, you could also make an afternoon out of freshening it up as well.

Get Into Container Gardening

Container gardening is a fun, simple way to introduce your kids to plants and get them interested in growing fruits, vegetables and herbs around the home. You can choose from a wide variety of pots, planter boxes and other containers that can be placed almost anywhere according to the plant type. You can set vegetable pots outside to decorate your backyard, mount a flower box in a window to beautify your outdoor view or any other placement and plant type you can imagine.

Create a Fun New Mailbox Look

Odds are your mailbox is boring and bland-looking. Why not get some paint or art supplies and have fun decorating it with your kids? You can make it look like their favorite animal, pet or any other cool design. Just remember to keep the address number visible and don’t paint it shut.

Install Solar Lights in Your Outdoor Space

Solar lights are an inexpensive and smart item to have in your yard. They are simple to install and can be found at most any retail or home improvement store. Place them along a sidewalk, pathway or garden bed at watch your kids’ faces light up as the sun goes down and the lights flicker on. These lights add an attractive dimension to your yard and keep your outdoor areas lit at night with minimal cost.

Build a Birdhouse or Feeder

Another easy project you and your kids will enjoy working on is making a birdhouse or feeder for your feathered friends in the neighborhood. If you have the necessary tools or you can find an easier kid-friendly design online, you can teach your kids to build something from scratch with their own hands and watch for years to come as birds come to congregate around it.

Add a Mosaic Backsplash

A backsplash for your kitchen is another easy and fun project you can design and build with your kids. Find some colorful mosaic tiles that will complement your kitchen and let your kids help you adhere them to the wall and help apply and clean up the grouting. It will serve you and your kitchen well for years to come and every time you’re washing up you’ll remember this Father’s Day you and the kids spent together.