5 Easy Ways to Prepare Your Home for Holiday Guests

Jun 29, 2017

The holidays are fast-approaching and so are holiday guests that will be visiting your home this season. Give everyone an experience to remember by making your home the perfect place to celebrate. Here are some easy tips to make your home the perfect place for the holidays.

Light it Up

If your home is looking a little dim lately, it could be because there isn’t enough lighting in the right places. The holidays are a time of lights and wonder, so make it a festive environment with plenty of lamps and extra light. It’ll make it easier on your older guests to be able to see and for your younger guests to capture every moment on their phones and tablets.

Warm it Up

The holidays invoke memories of warm homes filled with great memories. So don’t be an Ebenezer Scrooge with the heat in your home. Keep the temperature toasty to make sure your guests are comfortable and not having to wear their coats indoors. For guests staying overnight, make sure they have extra blankets and there are no drafts coming through the windows.

Clean it Up

No one wants to spend time in someone else’s cluttered or untidy home. If you’re having guests over this year, clean up and get rid of the clutter. If you have unnecessary items blocking walkways or stuffed into corners, consider selling or donating them or at the very least moving them out to the garage or other storage until they can be dealt with. If guests are staying over, make sure they have a place for their things and hangers for their clothes. This gives your guests a welcoming, open space to celebrate with you.

Stock it Up

Make sure your guests have everything they might need while staying with you. Stock up on the essentials like toiletry items, towels and washcloths, food and drinks, headache tablets, Kleenex and napkins and anything else you might need. All the small details go into making this year a memorable celebration for you and your guests.

Spruce it Up

The holidays are a time of decoration and going above and beyond the norm. Why not add some fresh flowers around your home this year to add a sense of occasion to your celebration? Get out your box of decorations and add some new ones this year. When your guests look back on the photos and memories of their time in your home for the holidays, they’ll remember you made it special.