4 Bathroom Remodeling Ideas for Aging at Home

Jun 29, 2017

As we grow older, our home remodeling needs change. We need more space in certain areas, we need products installed that provide stability and support and there are a number of options available that make aging in place a more comfortable reality. Many of us also have aging parents living in their homes who could use a few modifications around the home to make getting around easier. Today let’s talk about some remodeling ideas for the bathroom that can truly help seniors stay in their homes longer.

Shower Seats and Grab Bars

One of the most common aging problems is the risk of falling. An easy upgrade and a good idea to reduce the risk of falling is to install a shower seat and grab bars to increase safety. The shower seat will help prevent slips and falls in the tub. Grab bars placed near the toilet, sink or shower can aid in balance and help seniors take care of their needs without assistance.

Walk-In Tubs

If you’re looking for the best way to prevent slips and falls in the tub, a walk-in tub is the answer. Walk-in tubs are durable and fit into any bathroom design and color scheme. There is no step to climb getting in and out of the tub, and they come with their own seats, hand rails and slip-resistant flooring.


Speaking of flooring, the laminate, wood or tile floors in your bathroom can become slippery very easily. Rugs can also be a hazard as we age because of the risk of tripping or stumbling over them. Consider installing anti-skid tile on the bathroom floor and coating the tub floor and any other walking surface in anti-skid material.

Counters and Cabinets

Bathroom storage is important for all the extra items we need as we age. Installing a vanity or bathroom cabinets will ensure you have all the space needed. You can also install an adjustable or varying height rounded countertop to make access to the sink as easy as possible and eliminate any sharp edges. If the bathroom needs to be wheelchair accessible, make sure all counters and cabinets are within reach.

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