Get the Most from Your Outdoor Living Spaces

Get the Most from Your Outdoor Living Spaces

Now that the Kansas weather is warming up again our thoughts turn to outdoor cookouts, weekend get-togethers and relaxing with family out on the patio or deck. How is your outdoor living space looking these days? Could it use some sprucing up? Are you getting the most out of it you can? Here are some ways you can get the most out of your outdoor living space this spring and summer.

Set Goals for Your Outdoor Spaces

Every space in and around your home needs a goal or purpose. Your outdoor spaces are no different. Think about how you utilize these spaces now and how you maximize your outdoor living spacescould be utilizing them in the future. Do you entertain outdoors a lot in the spring and summer months now? Could you be entertaining more if some improvements were made? Set goals this season for your outdoor living spaces and take steps to get there.

Make the Most of Your Space

Make sure there is ample seating available while also ensuring you’re not cluttering the space or restricting movement. Your aim should be to allow free-flowing foot traffic while providing areas for people to socialize comfortably. Think about the traffic pattern in and around each space and leave enough room for everyone to move around freely.

As you do with your indoor spaces, add layers to your outdoor space that make them warmer and more inviting. Research and find a few potted plants and flowers that will add color without being too much of a chore to maintain. Match them with an attractive outdoor rug that will make the outdoor space feel more like indoors. Small touches can make all the difference.

Choose the Right Outdoor Furniture

There are many styles of outdoor furniture available today, so do some research on what pieces will work best in your outdoor space. Think about multi-functional pieces that can serve more than one purpose. For instance, if you want a coffee table and a fire pit for your patio, there are coffee tables with fire pits built in! These kinds of pieces will save space and money as well as dazzle your guests.

Consider armless seating for your outdoor spaces. This attribute makes the chairs or sofas you choose more adaptable for different situations and makes it easy to put them together and save space in the process.

Consider Lighting and Shade

The worst thing at an afternoon BBQ is not having enough shade. You don’t want uncomfortable guests baking in the sun during your events, so think about ways you can add shade if enough natural shade isn’t available. You can add awnings, hanging cloths or plant a new tree to cover your seating areas.

For evening get-togethers, having enough lighting is equally important. Don’t rely on a single spotlight or security light for your outdoor space. Look at getting some solar ground lights or citronella torches to ward away bugs and insects. These will create a nicer atmosphere for your family and friends.

Update Your Outdoor Floor

How is your deck or patio looking these days? Is it something you want to show off or cover up? Your patio could come to life with a new paver design and if your deck is looking ragged these days there are many new advances in deck materials that look amazing and provide long-lasting functionality. Having an attractive floor for your outdoor space is the real showpiece of the design and connects the outdoors with the indoors.

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