A Custom Outdoor Kitchen Will Change Your Entire Summer

A Custom Outdoor Kitchen Will Change Your Entire Summer

As the kitchen is the heart of a home, a custom outdoor kitchen is the heart of your backyard. With plenty of space for cooking, entertaining and storage, your backyard can be transformed into the place everyone wants to be for parties or just a casual Friday night. Instead of being by yourself manning the grill, you could spend time with your guests and cook at the same time. No more would you have to run in and out of the house for things like drinks, utensils or plates.

Imagine how your outdoor living space and your entire summer could be transformed by the addition of a fully-functional kitchen:

  • A large patio made of poured concrete or brick pavers would set the backdrop for all your get-togethers.custom outdoor kitchen remodel
  • A pergola would shade you and your guests from the hot Kansas sun, while still allowing a breeze.
  • A covered area away from the grill would provide shelter from rain.
  • Custom lighting would brighten the cooking and work spaces enough for nighttime entertaining.
  • A built-in gas grill surrounded by durable countertops would provide plenty of space for food prep and serving, and you’d be able to set your drink down while you’re cooking.
  • A wood-burning pizza oven would allow you to make rustic pizzeria-style creations to suit everyone’s taste.
  • An outdoor sink would make cleanup easy, and give guests a convenient place to wash up before eating.
  • A mini-refrigerator could be kept stocked with a supply of your favorite beverages, eliminating trips into the house for drink refills.
  • Adding a bar or an island to your outdoor cooking area would allow you to interact with your guests while they’re relaxing and you’re preparing food.

Kansas weather can be mild even during winter, so many Wichita homeowners use their outdoor living space year-round, not just in summer. If you decide to add an exterior kitchen, be sure to select quality equipment and weather-resistant finishes that will stand up to the elements. Cultured stone or stone veneer is a popular, low- maintenance choice for cabinets and countertops. Proper installation will offer added resistance to rusting and cracking, as well as extreme hot and cold weather.

Hire a Professional to Install your Custom Outdoor Kitchen

A professional contractor should be familiar with the local zoning and fire codes that specify how much clearance there needs to be between your built-in grill and your home. There could also be restrictions on the location and size of an outdoor kitchen. Your contractor will also be able to help you make the most of your outdoor space, such as building your kitchen onto the side of your home’s exterior in order to avoid excavating trenches for the gas and electric lines.

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