5 Space Saving Solutions For A Small Kitchen

5 Space Saving Solutions For A Small Kitchen

Having limited kitchen space doesn’t mean you have limited storage options. Small kitchens are common in apartments and smaller houses. Here are 5 ideas for conserving kitchen space.

Hanging Racks

Hanging as much as you can from racks offer a simple option to conserve space. In most kitchens, pots and pans take up at least one kitchen cabinet or drawer. saving space in a small kitchenInstead, install a rack so you can hang your pots wherever you have the headspace. Knives and large utensils can also utilize a rack and add another drawer full of space.


If you’re lacking space for a separate dining room, combine your kitchen and dining rooms. Kitchen countertops have extra space that isn’t typically used for storing things since it must be available when preparing food. However, after you’re done cooking simply clear out that space. Leave space under your counter for a chair to easily turn your countertop into a dining room.

Lazy Susan

Kitchen cabinets located in corners are space wasters. Installing a lazy Susan is an easy way to get more out of your corner space. Lazy Susan’s are great for storing miscellaneous stuff like flour or sugar.

Undermount Sink

Kitchen sinks take up a lot of space. Placing the sink under your kitchen cabinets can help condense your kitchen and allow the counter-space to be used for other things, like a dining area.

Kitchen Cart

Sometimes counter space is simply too small. A rolling kitchen cart comes in handy when you need space for a cutting board or baking station. When picking a cart it is important to find one that has brakes. You don’t want your lemons to roll away from you as you’re cutting them.

In addition, always look at corners and walls for empty space. Almost anything to fit on a wall and corners take up more space than people realize. Whether you’re looking to improve your kitchen space or start from scratch, keep these tips in mind.

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