Why Replacing Windows During Winter is a Good Idea

Wednesday, November 30 2016 8:55 AM

As colder temperatures start to set in this season you kick on your heating system, but have you noticed any drafts coming through your windows? Windows make up the largest surface area of openings in your home and these air leaks in your home’s protective shell make your heater work harder and drive up your energy costs. If you have older, inefficient windows that need replacing, you might think “Is it a good idea to replace windows in the winter? Won’t my home be freezing while the project is going on?”

This is where hiring the right contractor comes into play. Here at All Seasons Construction we alleviate these concerns by looking after your needs first. Here are some ways we take care of your heating concerns when replacing windows in the winter and why replacing windows during winter is a good idea.

Best Practices for Replacing Windows During Winter

Replacing One Window at a Time

It seems like a no-brainer, but installers replace a single window at time to limit the exposure of cold air into the home. It doesn’t extend the project timeline and makes installing windows during winterreplacing windows a better experience for homeowners.

Barriers for Large Window Replacements

When a front room bay window or other large window installation is taking place, installers utilize floor to ceiling barriers to cover the opening to limit the exposure to cold air into the home.

Closed-Door Policy

While installing a window, installers make sure to keep the door to that room closed so that any cold air coming in isn’t allowed to escape into the rest of the house.

Keeping it Clean

Winter means there’s a lot of mud, snow and moisture on the ground, so installers take extra care to use tarps and shoe coverings to make sure the outside doesn’t get tracked inside.

Benefits to Installing Windows in Winter

Easier Scheduling

Contractor project scheduling is usually much lighter in the colder months, so scheduling a project during this time of year lends itself to greater flexibility. Waiting until the spring or fall could be tougher to get the exact dates you want.

Offseason Discounts

Due to the low volume of projects in the colder months, there may be discounts available for scheduling your project during this time.

Lower Energy Costs

Once your new energy-efficient windows are installed, you should notice your heating and cooling dollars going farther than before each month.

If you have questions about energy-efficient window installation and scheduling with All Seasons Construction, give us a call today at 316-685-1700.

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