5 Reasons Why Winter is the Best Time to Build a New Deck

Monday, December 21 2015 11:48 AM

While most homeowners would assume that the best time to build a new deck is during spring or summer, most don’t know the many benefits of building your new deck during the winter months. The secret is in the way wood pressure treated wood expands and contracts in outdoor conditions during the colder season.

Whether you’ll be using composites, vinyl, hardwood or another type of decking board, your deck’s foundation will still need to be built with pressure treated wood. This is where wood curing comes into play.

Wood curing describes the expansion and contraction of the wood in relation to its moisture content. When you build your deck in the winter, it offers many benefits to thebuilding a deck in the winter curing process:

  • Initially pressure treated wood has a moisture content of around 50%. Since winter is a dryer season with far less humidity, building during this time will allow pressure treated wood to stabilize better and dry more evenly than in spring or summer.
  • Building during the summer exposes new wood to higher humidity, which won’t allow the wood to dry as consistently as the dryer months. The hot sun can also cause the new wood to expand and contract, leading to cracks, warping and other damage.
  • Building during the winter months also means you will avoid the rush of projects happening in the summer. This means there are less backlogs and waiting for materials and scheduling that can occur in the typically busy outdoor project times of spring and summer.
  • Outdoor winter projects also mean you’ll experience fewer disruptions to your day-to-day activities, because it’s a time of year when you don’t typically spend a lot of time outdoors. Imagine already having your deck finished when the warmer months roll around, instead of waiting to schedule that first spring barbeque for when the deck is finished.
  • Building outdoors in the winter months also means less disruption to the ground due to the dormancy of the landscape during colder months. When the ground is colder, it’s less likely to be damaged as much by outdoor projects because the ground won’t be as easily deteriorated.

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