How to Get Your Deck Ready for Summer Parties

Friday, April 29 2016 3:13 PM

When you’re throwing a summer get-together this year, don’t neglect to get your deck ready for entertaining. Here are some easy ways to get your deck ready for summer.

Fix Any Maintenance Problems

Whether it’s a loose board or other damage, you’ll need to address any maintenance issues on your deck before you have company over for your outdoor party. If you preparing your deck for summernotice splintering wood, loose screws or softening wood you’ll need to have the boards replaced or screws tightened to make sure there are no injuries or accidents during your party.

Stain Your Deck

Keeping your deck stained regularly is important to keep it maintained and looking its best. Choosing a premium deck stain can cut down on the number of times you need to stain it in the years to come. On average, you should stain your deck every 1-2 years.

Clean the Area Thoroughly

Keeping your deck clean and tidy will create a more inviting area for your guests and will make your home a place where friends and family love to gather. Remove clutter like garbage cans, toys and yard tools and keep the traffic flow in and out of the house clear for guests. You can power wash your deck by renting a power washer to remove any mildew stains or bird droppings and you can keep your patio furniture clean by using standard cleaning products. Check with your manufacturer’s instructions beforehand.

Decorate for a Personalized Feel

If you’re not confident in your outdoor furniture and decorations, it’s time for an upgrade. You can also use plants, flower beds and hanging baskets to spruce up your outdoor spaces. Pick out colors that coordinate well together and designs and patterns that aren’t too busy and compliment your deck. You don’t need to do everything at once. Add one touch at a time to build an outdoor style gradually that fits your tastes.

Use Lighting to Add Ambience

There are lots of lighting choices you can use to create a wonderfully luminous outdoor space for evening gatherings. String lights wrap around surfaces and railings for a sparkling pattern that surrounds your deck. You can also use lanterns and tiki torches for added lighting touches to your deck.

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