How to Fix Common Problems with Window Blinds

Tuesday, February 28 2017 1:57 PM

Window blinds are an essential component to your home in order to control the amount of natural light during the day and restrict the view in from outside at night. When blinds wear and tear, the inclination might be to simply replace them altogether, but there are ways to repair damaged window blinds if you have a bit of time. Here are some common window blind problems and how to fix them.

Blinds Will Not Lower Downhow to repair a broken window blind

  • Level the lift cords even with the headrail and pull to release the cord lock.
  • If cord lock doesn’t release, locate the small pin inside the cord lock mechanism and push in the pin with a butter knife or flathead screwdriver to release the slats.

Slats Will Not Tilt Properly

  • If the tilt rod twists but the slats don’t move, locate the metal rod in the headrail (you may need to remove the blind from the window).
  • When you’ve located the metal rod, find where the tilt mechanism is housed and push the tilt rod back into the tilt mechanism and the blinds will tilt properly again.

Replacing Broken Slats

  • Remove the ladder cap from the bottom rail and pull out the exposed cords slightly.
  • Cut the cords just above the knots and pull the cords up through the damaged slat.
  • Replace the broken slat with a new one and align the new slat with the old ones.
  • Weave the cords back down through the holes alternating sides of the ladder rungs as you go.
  • Insert the cords back into the bottom rail and retie the knots you cut before replacing the caps.

Replace the Wand Tilter

  • Remove the blind from the window and remove the wand from the blind.
  • Remove the metal end brace or plastic cap from the headrail.
  • Remove the tilt rod from the wand tilter.
  • Replace the tilter and snap it back into place.
  • Turn the tilter shaft to line up the flat parts of the rod lines and tilter.
  • Push the rod back through the tilter before replacing the brace/cap.

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