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How to Fix Common Problems with Window Blinds

Tuesday, February 28 2017 1:57 PM
Categorized In Indoor Living

Window blinds are an essential component to your home in order to control the amount of natural light during the day and restrict the view in from outside at night. When blinds wear and tear, the inclination might be to simply replace them altogether, but there are ways to repair damaged window blinds if you have a bit of time. Here are some common window blind problems and ho… Read Article

Where Should You Start When Remodeling Your Home?

Wednesday, February 15 2017 5:01 PM
Categorized In Maintenance

In the life of every homeowner there comes a time or two when you realize your home is in need of a facelift. You’ve been to the homes of your friends and family and no doubt have ideas for your own home, but where should you start? Do you need more space? Can you make better use of the space you currently have? Here’s a simple guide to help you know where to begin… Read Article