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5 Space Saving Solutions For A Small Kitchen

Wednesday, July 20 2016 11:28 AM
Categorized In Indoor Living

Having limited kitchen space doesn’t mean you have limited storage options. Small kitchens are common in apartments and smaller houses. Here are 5 ideas for conserving kitchen space. Hanging Racks Hanging as much as you can from racks offer a simple option to conserve space. In most kitchens, pots and pans take up at least one kitchen cabinet or drawer. Instead, instal… Read Article

5 Summer Maintenance Tips for Your Home’s Exterior

Tuesday, July 12 2016 4:20 PM
Categorized In Maintenance

This summer as the heat takes its toll on your home’s exterior, you’ll want to make sure to do a quick maintenance checkup to keep from having to do any serious repair work in the near future. Here are five easy things to do to make sure your home’s exterior is in good shape this summer. Seal or Replace Inefficient Windows If your home isn’t yet equip… Read Article

No Roof Left Behind 2016

Friday, July 1 2016 10:34 AM
Categorized In Charity

Last summer, 68-year old Wichita resident Robie was facing an uphill battle with brain cancer and was unable to do his usual routine of doing home repairs for others, cooking and caring for the ill in their homes and driving them wherever they needed to go. His illness also made it impossible for him to do maintenance on his home and he had to resort to using buckets to catch … Read Article