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What are Ice Dams?

Wednesday, December 30 2015 8:40 AM
Categorized In Maintenance

An ice dam is a thick ridge of ice that builds up along the eaves that overhang the edge of a roof. The problem with ice dams is that they block the gutters, so water from melting snow builds up behind the dam instead of draining off the roof. This troublesome condition can rip gutters and shingles off the roof. Water can get underneath the shingles and leak down into the wal… Read Article

5 Reasons Why Winter is the Best Time to Build a New Deck

Monday, December 21 2015 11:48 AM
Categorized In Outdoor Living

While most homeowners would assume that the best time to build a new deck is during spring or summer, most don’t know the many benefits of building your new deck during the winter months. The secret is in the way wood pressure treated wood expands and contracts in outdoor conditions during the colder season. Whether you’ll be using composites, vinyl, hardwood or a… Read Article

All Seasons Construction Named a Three-Time Top 500 Remodeler

Friday, December 4 2015 10:48 AM
Categorized In Construction & Remodeling

For the third year in a row, the editorial staff of Qualified Remodeler magazine has chosen All Seasons Construction for the 2015 edition of its annual Top Remodeler list. This award is given to light commercial and residential remodeling contractors who have been evaluated on their years in business, industry certifications, awards, association memberships, community service… Read Article